Science-based Business Games

Business games have the power to enhance the learning experience of participants.

Over the last decade, Régis has curated a series of science-based games to help sales professionals absorb new knowledge. From speed debating to the art of persuasion, we use creativity and co-creation to help you learn the theory behind sales.

Co-Creation Business Game

The notion of co-creating ideas and products with customers has gained a lot of traction over the last decade in the sales industry. There’s evidence of enhanced outcomes and customer relationships. If you, like many, are wondering how to get started, this interactive workshop is for you.

 Régis has developed a business game scenario, together with We ask the question: How can you innovate and co-create a value proposition with a customer? It’s based on a real case scenario and teaches participants how to keep all the stakeholders on board.

Influence and Persuasion Business Game

Knowing all the principles of persuasion is one thing. But learning to apply them in practice is much more difficult. Do you always get the results you want? Are you often left feeling, ‘If only I said this…’?

This business game encourages participants to have fun while trying out persuasion principles. You learn how to better adapt, persuade and influence your customers’ decisions.

Key Account Management Business Game

You may have a great plan on how to develop your relationship with your key customer. But so do your main competitors. How will your plan hold against your direct competitors?

This lively, interactive business game encourages participants to role-play competing for a customer. Developed in partnership with Tom Vanderbiesen from This game allows for trial and error of account management techniques. Find out in real time what is effective and what is not.

Behavioural Change Business Game

Tired of repeating the same thing to your sales team over and over, only to find that nothing ever changes?

Coaching people to make changes to their behavior is about more than telling them what to do. This interactive sales game simulates scenarios between sales leaders and team members. You will test our various techniques that will enhance sales behavior change.

Speed Debating Game

Persuasion is a skill and an art form. You already have strong skills in developing arguments and negotiating a contract. But how advanced are your persuasion skills when you need to think on your feet in the middle of a negotiation?

This group role-play game enables you to practice the ability to think on your feet. It’s a chance to test each other’s debating skills and push your persuasion skills to their limit.