Sales Management:
Coaching Behavioural Change

How to manage change
across your sales force?

Training salespeople is one thing. Convincing salespeople to adopt new sales behaviours requires a lot more effort. Persuasion plays a key role in your ability to influence your salespeople’s behaviours to implement the desired change. You rely on your persuasive skills to convince your salespeople to attend sales trainings, to actively participate and to implement some of the new ideas or tools they have learned.

– Are you always successful?

– Did you always get the outcome you wanted?

– Do you think you used the correct approach implementing the change you want?

Implementing behavioural change involves more than just organising a series of sales training sessions. There are many different techniques you can use to implement behavioural change. You could be far more successful if we knew what approach to use in what situation. 


In this one-day workshop, we go inside your project and define what changes you would like to implement and how you could implement them. We focus on the techniques that psychologists use to persuade people to adopt new behaviours and explore how to apply the principles to your project. This workshop will enable you to develop your sales training and transformation plan to realise the change you need to be successful with your sales organisation.  


By the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

– Define in detail what behavioural changes you want to see in your sales force.

– Define which type of sales trainings your salespeople will need

– Plan how to make your salespeople adopt the new behaviours they will have learned


Introduction: What is behavioural change?

Step 1: Sales Behaviour

Step 2: Sales Behaviour Mapping

Step 3: Motivation

Step 4: Frictions

Step 5: Choice Architecture

Duration & Format

Duration: 1 day
Available in : class room and online