Sales Techniques:
Consultative Selling

How to create value for your customer and
manage large and complex sales processes?

This course is for Salespeople that want to learn how to manage larger and more complex sales opportunities for their customers.  Most simple and fast sales transactions are happening more and more on the Internet. Therefore, salespeople must focus on the more complex sales transactions that include multiple stakeholders and evolve over a longer period. During these sales processes, customers often do not have clearly defined needs yet. It is up to the salesperson to help their customers to create the need and drive the sales process.


During this course, the participants will become acquainted with several sales tools to manage their complex sales processes better and more successfully. Each of the tools will be explained by a case after which each participant will have to apply the tool to their own customer case. The course is based on a ‘learning by doing’ method providing many opportunities for the participants to practice and develop their new questioning skills


By the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

– qualify and assess their chances in winning large and complex sales opportunities

– learn how to uncover needs of your customers

– learn how to manage a dialogue with prospects

– understand and analyse customer decision making criteria and those the appropriate sales strategy


Introduction: What is consultative selling?

Buying Process:

Step 1: Need / Problem Recognition

Step 2: Information Search

Step 3: Evaluating Options

Step 4: Purchasing

Sales Process:

Step 1: Targeting an account

Step 2: Investigation

Step 3: Stakeholder Management

Stap 4: Qualify your chances

Duration & Format

Duration: 1 day
Available in : class room and online