Persuasive Communication:
Presenting with Charisma

How to persuade others using your
non-verbal communication skills?

This course is for salespeople that want to learn how to better impress their clients by presenting their cases with charisma and authority. Did you know that over 70% of the effectiveness of your message is created by body language and non-verbal communication such as body posture, voice, intonation, facial expressions, and eye contact? To achieve the desired effect and impact with your message it is important to master these non-verbal communication skills.


In this training you will be aware of the impact of your body language. You will learn the interpret the signals of others and you will get the right tools and techniques to develop your own body language so that the impact of your communications generates the desired effect.  


By the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

– influence how other judge you

– adapt your behaviour to make a better impression

– better read and understand the body language of others


Introduction: How important is a first impression and how is it formed?  

Step 1: The Importance of your body language

Step 2: Charisma

Step 3: Defense Mechanisms

Step 4: Your posture and eye contact

Step 5: Your expressions and body movements

Step 6: Tone of voice

Duration & Format

Duration: 1 day
Available in : class room and online