Persuasive Communication:
Presenting with Strong Arguments

How to develop and present a
persuasive case for your ideas?

This course is for salespeople that want to learn how to better present their arguments to their clients. The skill of developing and presenting strong arguments is a skill that is essential during each stage of the sales process, from the pitch all the way to the final negotiations.


In this course, you will learn what an argument is. The definition of argument will enable you to identify when speakers are giving arguments and when they are not. Next, you will learn how to break an argument into its essential parts, how to put them to reveal their connections, and how to fill in gaps in an argument by adding suppressed premises. By the end of this course, you will be better able to understand and appreciate arguments that you and other people present.


By the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

– know how to identify key strengths and weaknesses in one’s argument
and counter it.

– develop strong arguments to present their case.

– counter objections for their arguments successfully.


Introduction: What is persuasion communication?

Step 1: How to define the case you want to present?

Step 2: What does the audience stand to gain and lose from accepting
your idea?

Step 3: What is an argument?

Step 4: How to support your argument with evidence?

Step 5: What are strong versus weak arguments?

Step 6: How to handle objections to your argument?

Step 7: What are the elements of a good case?

Duration & Format

Duration: 1 day
Available in : class room and online