Our Method

Our Method

Our methodology is a step by step process to co-create value with customers enabling your sales people to innovate and stay ahead of your competition.



Our book, FROM SELLING TO CO-CREATING, includes the latest sales trends, best practices and tools enabling you to redesign your sales organisation for the future.

Courses and Workshops

Courses and Workshops

Our courses and workshops provide you the opportunity to test and learn about our methods and our tools to co-create value with your customers.



 How can our sales people drive innovation  of our products and services together with our customers?


 How can our account managers develop new business with their key accounts?


 How can we motivate our sales people to co-create value propositions with their customers?


 How can we design a sales process that enables our sales people co-create value with our customers?


“I love the models that Regis is presenting here. It gives a interesting view on how to create value for your customers using the sales force.”

“This book is almost like a recipe book - colourful and very easy to dip into. There's a serious message for salespeople, though, whether you're new to Sales or been in it for a while. It doesn't just say you need to change, it does show you how and what to do.”

“There are many reasons why I enjoyed this book. First, because it's full of insightful and practical information. Second, because it's carries a message that everyone should hear. And finally, it's a beautiful book to hold, one that you would want to go back to numerous time.”

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What type of sales management approach we will need to adopt in the future?

The Science of Sales Persuasion
June 29th at Impulse.Brussels

Persuasion and Consultative Selling
Beginning of July at Co.Station

Sales people have to become much more strategic in their approach focussing on helping customer to achieve their business outcomes based on close and deep collaboration between their organisation and their customers.

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<h1 style="padding:0px">Regis Lemmens, Phd:</h1>

Regis Lemmens, Phd:

Régis Lemmens is a consultant, author and teacher on the topic of sales and sales management. He is a fellow at Cranfield University in the UK and a he lectures on sales and sales management at the Tias Business School in the Netherlands.

<h1 style="padding:0px">Javier Marcos,  Phd:</h1>

Javier Marcos, Phd:

Javier Marcos is a senior lecturer in Sales Management at the Centre for Strategic Marketing and Sales at Cranfield School of Management and an independent consultant. His main areas of expertise are Selling and Sales Management, Organizational Learning and Organizational Development. He emphasises the blend of leading edge research with innovative training methodologies in the delivery of his programmes and the design of consulting and sales coaching assignments.