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Keynote Speaker - Podcast Host

Training salespeople with science-based sales courses since 2004

The role of salespeople is to co-create value with their customers. This is the belief of Régis Lemmens, the heart-center of Sales Cubes.

 Régis started a research project in 2009 to explore game-changing sales theories. It’s this research which lends Sales Cubes its vision.

We aim to produce sales training courses enriched with science, research and creativity. We help sales professionals reach the next level.

 Régis has since become a thought leader in sales strategy. With musings noted in esteemed publications such as Harvard Business Review.

Régis is a consultant, professor, author, keynote speaker and podcast host. He’s committed to guiding sales organizations into the 21st century.


Régis’ industry-shaking research project led to the publication of his first co-authored book: From Selling to Co-Creating. Dive into his various publications exploring sales trends, theories and co-creation to find out more.


Régis is a professor in sales and marketing at various universities.

His views on emerging theories and trends in the sales industry are fresh and analytical. He is a professor at the Antwerp Management School, the Solvay Business School, Tias Business School and Cranfield University.


He is also a sales strategy consultant and works with organisations such as BNP Paribas Fortis, Bekaert, AG Insurance, Barco, Pfizer, Athlon, Novartis, and Tessenderlo Chemie Group.

He also coaches start-ups and scale-ups in Belgium in collaboration with institutions such as Hub.Brussels, Pulse Foundation, and

Science-based Sales Research

Régis is a great sales strategy consultant and many organizations have turned to him to gather advice grounded in sales science.

We offer sales training courses and consultancy grounded in science-based academics. In 2010, we started a business research project exploring current and future trends in the sales industry. Our goal was to uncover emerging changes in the digital landscape and how this affects how we conduct business. This research is the basis of our offering and our podcast series: The Future of Sales.

Watch The Future of Sales TedX Presentation 2014 to get a preview of how sales have evolved over the years.