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Our Journey:
From Inception
to Innovation

Founded in 2001, Sales Cubes began as a pivotal part of Régis Lemmens’ PhD thesis, exploring the relationship between sales performance data and sales skills. Over the years, we’ve evolved from focusing on Sales Performance Management to pioneering research in future sales trends, as seen in our influential 2009 project, Sales 2020.

Value Co-Creation:
A core belief

This project, spurred by the rise of e-commerce, questioned the evolving role of salespeople and culminated in the book, “From Selling to Co-Creating”.

This led to our acclaimed podcast series, “The Future of Sales,” and a new focus on Value Co-Creation, transforming the way sales forces engage with customers. Our insights are further shared in our TedX Presentation 2014, offering a glimpse into the evolving sales paradigm.

Behavioural Science:
A Core Philosophy

Our commitment to enhancing sales performance extends to training and redefining sales methodologies, deeply rooted in Behavioral Science.

We leverage a spectrum of tools and frameworks to effect change in both sales teams and customer behaviours, ensuring impactful and lasting transformations.

Game Based Learning: An Immersive Experience

Our collaboration with Actee.com has led to the creation of innovative business simulation games, focusing on Co-Creation, Behavioural Change, and Change Management.


“Handbook of Key Account Management” (20xx): Featuring a chapter on Customer Profitability Management by Tom Vanderbiesen and Régis Lemmens.

“For Selling to Co-Creating” (2014): Co-authored by Bill Donaldson, Javier Marcos, and Régis Lemmens, this book offers deep insights into the transition from traditional selling to co-creation.

“Sales Management: Strategy, Process and Practices” (20xx): Another collaborative work, setting new standards in sales management.

Harvard Business Review Article (2018): “Entrepreneurial Selling” by Régis Lemmens, discussing innovative sales strategies.

What Sets Us Apart


Our consulting and training are grounded in scientific research 
and proven models, ensuring reliability and effectiveness.


We offer a comprehensive service, from assessing to redesigning and implementing behavioural changes in sales teams.

Sales Trends

Through continuous research, we help organizations stay ahead of sales trends and implement effective strategies.

Our Experts

Régis Lemmens

Tom Vanderbiesen

Marc Neyrinck

Manu Matthyssens

Our Experts

Régis Lemmens

Tom Vanderbiesen

Marc Neyrinck

Manu Matthyssens

Our Clients

We partner with major corporations like BNP Paribas Fortis and Pfizer, and also support start-ups and scale-ups in Belgium, demonstrating our versatile and adaptable approach to sales strategy and coaching.

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