Strategic Selling

Unlock the Power of Design Thinking and Value Co-Creation in Sales


As market dynamics transform products and services into commodities and customers demand heightened value and competitive prices, it’s time to shift from selling value to co-creating it. Our cutting-edge course harnesses the creativity of Design Thinking and the impact of Value Co-Creation to transform your sales approach. Get ready to challenge and inspire your customers like never before. The course covers key concepts such as:

Design Thinking: Employ the principles of design thinking to empathize with your customers, define challenges, and ideate effective solutions.

Value Co-Creation: Learn how to co-create value with your customers, turning each interaction into a mutual win.

Challenge and Inspire Your Customers: Go beyond basic sales pitches; learn how to challenge your clients in meaningful ways that lead to transformative sales and long-term relationships.

After completing this course, you will be able to lead your customers through the joint process of value co-creation as a business partner.


Part 1

Value Co-Creating: Dive into trends that have moved sales organisations from communication value to co-creating value with customers.

Part 2

Design Thinking in Sales: Discover how to use design thinking to revolutionise your sales process.

Part 3

Strategic Conversation: Master the art of strategic conversations to delve deep into your customer’s goals, aspirations, and challenges, allowing for more personalized and impactful solutions.

Part 4

Value Proposition Design: Unlock your creative potential and learn how to ideate innovative value propositions that will set you apart in the marketplace.

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