Master Change using our Business Simulation Game


You will be immersed in a course that not only equips you with proven frameworks but also engages you in an interactive Simulation Game, creating a hands-on, game-based learning experience you won’t forget.this course includes:

Integrated Frameworks: Master the art of organizational change by seamlessly integrating proven methods like ADKAR, Kotter’s 8 Steps, Patrick Lencioni’s 5 Elements of Dysfunctional Teams, the Cycle of Change, and the DISC Profile Model into a unified, straightforward framework to successfully steer your change projects.

Interactive Simulation Game: Practice makes perfect, and our exclusive simulation game lets you put theory into action,

fine-tuning your approach in a risk-free environment.

Game-Based Learning: Engage deeply with the course material in a fun, game-centric learning environment.

By the completion of this course, you will be able to combine all these methods into a single plan and lead your team to project success.


Part 1

Foundations of Change Management: Dive deep into the pivotal elements that constitute effective change management, demystifying the balance between management and leadership.

Part 2

Mastering Stakeholder Management: Become proficient in individual profiling using the DiSC model, a key tool for managing stakeholders effectively.

Part 3

Overcoming Resistance: Identify and understand various types of resistance to change, and equip yourself with proven strategies to manage and mitigate these challenges.

Part 4

Real-World Simulation: Engage in our hands-on, interactive Simulation Game that allows you to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world change scenarios.

Part 5

Your Personal Change Project: Learn how to leverage established frameworks to successfully navigate your own change management project, from planning to execution.

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