Key Account Management Strategies

The Simulation Experience


You will step into the shoes of a key account manager like never before! Our highly immersive simulations are designed to reinforce key theories and frameworks in account management. This course covers the following topics:

Proven Theories & Frameworks: Our course is rooted in established theories and frameworks that have been proven to drive results in account management.

Organisational Buying Behaviour: Get a deep dive into the intricacies of how organizations make buying decisions. Learn how to tailor your sales strategies to better meet the unique needs of your key accounts.

Game Based Learning: Engage in our cutting-edge simulation game that allows you to apply theories and frameworks in real-world scenarios, making the learning experience highly interactive and incredibly effective.

By the completion of this course, you will have a set of frameworks and tools that will enable you to plan and manage your key accounts.


Part 1

Introduction to Key Account Management: Gain a comprehensive understanding of what Key Account Management truly entails, including scenarios where it is most effective—and when it’s not.

Part 2

Business Relationships: Uncover the essence of business relationships. Learn pragmatic ways to assess and quantify the quality and impact of these relationships on your business.

Part 3

Account Portfolio Management: Acquire the skills to critically assess your account portfolio, enabling you to pinpoint and prioritize your key accounts effectively.

Part 4

Simulation Game: Engage in an experiential learning environment with our hands-on Simulation Game. Here you’ll apply, test, and refine your understanding of customer buying behaviour, customer profitability, and the art of value co-creation

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