Value Selling

How to sell based on value and not price?


Through hands-on experiences and real-world examples, you will understand the power of Value Selling, including how to refine your value proposition, navigate the sales process, and present your price. The course covers key concepts such as:

Presenting your Value Proposition: Learn the art and science 
of creating an appealing value proposition that will set you apart from the competition.

Sales Process Mastery: Learn how to navigate the sales process, from lead generation to completing the deal, step by step.

Pricing Cues: Participate in specialized training modules that focus on price strategies and cues to maximise value and profitability.

You will not only have improved your selling skills at the end of this course, but you will also be a more compelling communicator, both in understanding others and successfully delivering your value proposition.


Part 1

Creating Customer Value: Decipher the Customer’s Multidimensional Concept of “Value”.

Practical Strategies for Communicating Your Unique Value Proposition in Order to Increase Engagement.

Part 2

Pricing Tactics: Understand the Psychology of Customer Price Perception. Identify the most appropriate way to present your price

Part 3

Sales Process: Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating a Sales Process: From the first greeting until the confident close.

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