Consultative Selling

The Art of Becoming a Trusted Advisor


You will learn how to identify client needs, negotiate complex sales procedures, and act as a trusted advisor throughout the customer’s journey. The course covers key concepts such as:

Creating Customer Needs: Discover tried-and-true methods for not just identifying but also creating demands for your clients,

Navigating a Complex Sales Process: Get hands-on training to manage large, intricate sales processes.

Influencing Customer Buying Behaviour: Learn how you can influence B2B customer buying behaviour.

After completing this course, you will be able to lead your customers through the purchasing process as if you were a personal business adviser.


Part 1

Uncovering Customer Needs: Dive into the psychology of customer needs and discover strategies to activate latent or implicit needs.

Part 2

Navigate the Information Maze: Uncover what information your customers are actively seeking and eloquently present the unique features, advantages, and benefits of your solution.

Part 3

Decision-Making Dynamics: Identify key stakeholders in the decision-making process and tailor your approach for maximum impact. Examine and examine real-world instances of eloquence and persuasion.

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