Author - Professor - Thought-leader

Sales Cubes’ success stems from Régis’ academic background and science-based knowledge. It’s what drives our ability to help organizations achieve success in their business. Régis has become a thought leader in sales strategy. With musings noted in esteemed publications such as Harvard Business Review. He has completed many research projects that explore sales trends, theories and co-creation.

From Sales to Co-Creation: New Trends, Practices and Tools Upgrade Your Sales Force

In 2009, Régis and his colleagues conducted an industry-shaking research project entitled the Future of Sales. Their findings led to the publication of From Selling to Co-Creating. Co-authored with colleagues Prof. Dr Bill Donaldson and Prof. Dr Javier Marcos in 2014.

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review, Poland, published an article by Régis in 2018. It explored theories behind entrepreneurial selling and presented the latest trends in sales.

Sales Management
Strategy Process and Practice

Régis was honored to have the opportunity to co-author a textbook exploring ground-breaking theories in sales strategy. He wrote alongside Prof. Dr Bill Donaldson and Prof. Dr Javier Marcos.