Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion

Unlock the secrets of influence with our comprehensive guide on Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion. Explore practical applications in sales, marketing, leadership, and more to enhance your persuasive abilities. Learn how to effectively apply Reciprocity, Scarcity, Authority, Consistency, Liking, and Social Proof to achieve your goals.


Nudging, a concept made famous by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein, is about gently guiding choices without limiting freedom. It involves creating settings where the best choices seem obvious and straightforward. Using methods like default settings and social norms, nudges are smartly crafted approaches that quietly steer us towards improved behaviours. They are the unnoticed designers of decision-making, subtly altering our choices in the most delicate manner, showing that often, a gentle push can bring about major improvements in health, savings, and environmental sustainability.

Procrastination Equation

The Procrastination Equation exposes the psychological calculus behind our tendency to delay. It suggests that low motivation and distant rewards amplify procrastination, while high urgency and value dampen it. Grasping this concept equips us to strategically dismantle procrastination, turning insight into action and transforming stalling into momentum for achieving our goals.

Job Crafting

Job crafting turns a standard job description into a custom-fit career. Employees take control, adjusting their tasks and interactions to match their skills and interests. This reinvigorates their daily work, especially when morale is low. It allows individuals to reshape their roles and reignite their passion. This self-led approach revitalises the employee’s motivation and aligns it with the company’s changing goals, creating a mutually beneficial workplace where both personal and collective growth thrive.


The MINDSPACE framework, developed by the UK’s Behavioural Insights Team, uses psychological triggers like Messenger, Incentives, Norms, Defaults, and more to subtly influence behavior. Effective in policy-making, marketing, and personal development, it leverages subconscious cues and social norms to nudge actions and decisions. This strategy is pivotal in shaping behaviors across diverse contexts, from encouraging healthier lifestyles to enhancing marketing strategies.

The Behaviour Change Wheel

The Behaviour Change Wheel is a practical framework for understanding and applying behaviour change. Focused on a particular behaviour, it examines factors that influence it and helps in creating customised change strategies. It’s helpful in areas like health promotion, organisational change, or personal development. The process includes defining the behaviour, identifying what influences it, creating interventions, and assessing the results. This model is key for focused change initiatives, making sure strategies match the behavioural motivations for effective implementation and modification.

Sales Transformation Roadmap

The Sales Transformation Roadmap template is a key tool for updating sales strategies to match market changes. It’s perfect for workshop brainstorming, helping sales teams to match their offerings with market trends and adjust their skills to suit. The process involves examining present and future market trends, evaluating how they affect the organization, and determining the necessary roles and skills. This template is especially valuable in strategy meetings, guiding sales teams through market changes and equipping them for successful sales transformations.

Behaviourally-Anchored Rating Scale (BARS) in Sales

The Behaviourlly-Anchored Rating Scale (BARS) is a powerful tool for assessing sales skills, providing objective evaluations instead of the usual subjective ones. It sets clear standards for each rating level, offering straightforward, practical feedback that makes improvements easier. Popular in yearly evaluations and particularly effective with 360-degree reviews, BARS accurately measures key skills like presentation abilities and ethical selling, improving the way performance is managed.