The Influence Game

The Influence Game", designed for sales professionals, is a competitive board game focusing on persuasion. Teams confront sales challenges requiring quick thinking and mastery of persuasion techniques. The game offers role-play opportunities for real-world situations and incorporates Cialdini's persuasion principles. It serves as a dynamic platform for professionals to hone their influential skills.

In the competitive realm of sales, effective persuasion is not merely a skill, but an art. This is where The Influence Game comes in. This dynamic board game transforms the learning of persuasion techniques into a fun, competitive experience for sales professionals. Designed for two teams of up to three, participants compete in a race to the finish. They rely on their understanding of Cialdini’s principles of persuasion and their strategic thinking.

The Objective:

The goal is straightforward: be the first team to reach the end of the board. However, the journey to victory isn’t. Each advancement presents a unique sales challenge, requiring quick thinking, strategic planning, and persuasive skills.

The Gameplay:

As teams progress, they face different situations that require role-playing sales challenges, such as persuading the opposing team to “buy” a pen. Before each challenge, a team picks a card that outlines one of Cialdini’s persuasion principles. This principle must be integrated into their strategy. The twist? The opposing team doesn’t know which principle has been chosen, making each encounter a dual test of persuasive ability and perceptiveness.

The Principles at Play:

The game, based on Cialdini’s well-known work, acquaints players with potent techniques like the principles of Reciprocity, Scarcity, Authority, Consistency, Liking, and Consensus. Through role-play scenarios that incorporate these principles, participants not only learn to utilize them in sales contexts but also develop a knack for identifying these tactics in use.

Why It Works:

The Influence Game provides a safe, enjoyable environment for sales teams to hone their persuasion skills. It uses scenarios mirroring real-life sales situations, making learning directly relevant to participants’ daily client interactions. This practical learning method, coupled with competitive excitement, keeps participants engaged and eager to broaden their persuasive skills.

The Takeaway:

The Influence Game is a valuable training tool for sales professionals looking to enhance their persuasion skills. It trains teams in applying Cialdini’s principles and helps them recognize these techniques when used by others. After the training, participants become more confident, creative, and effective in persuading others, ready to take their sales efforts to the next level.

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