Sales Competence Assessment


Sales transformation isn’t always about a new strategy; it can also mean improving or developing new sales skills. The challenge is figuring out which skills matter, assessing them, and then designing and implementing the right training to make them better.

At Sales Cubes, we’ve created a unique Commercial Competence Service that does just that:

Assess: We work with your HR and Sales managers to identify essential sales skills using our Sales Competence Blueprint. We use a comprehensive assessment tool to gather feedback from your sales team, making the evaluation process more effective.

Design: Based on the assessment, we create targeted training to improve the skills you need.

Change and Transformation: With our Tailored Sales Programme, we provide the necessary training and behaviour change programs, ensuring a smooth transition to improved competence and performance.

Benefits of Our Sales Competency Assessment Service:

Enhance your sales team’s skills with our Sales Competence and Behavior Assessment service, where clarity, precision, and data-driven insights lead to transformation. Choose excellence in sales competence development..

Behaviour-Based Rating

We break down competencies into clear behaviours, making communication easier and aligning observations with expectations.

Blueprint Advantage

We use a standardized blueprint, saving you time in assessment design.

360 Survey Tool

Our tool collects multiple assessments for each salesperson, generating detailed reports.

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