Sales Trends Canvas

The Sales Trends Canvas is an analytical tool for sales executives to examine market dynamics and their effects on sales strategies. It's particularly useful in sales strategy workshops, helping participants identify key market trends and their impacts on the sales organization. The canvas facilitates discussions on how market changes drive necessary adjustments within sales teams. Its process includes identifying current market and customer trends, linking these trends with changes in the sales organization, and determining the required strategic responses. This tool is invaluable for enhancing awareness and guiding strategic planning in sales environments.

What is it? 

The Sales Trends Canvas is a tool designed for sales executives and salespeople to analyze trends impacting the effectiveness of their sales organization. It offers a structured approach to understanding market dynamics and their influence on sales strategies.

How Useful Is It? 

This canvas is particularly effective in facilitating sales-focused strategy workshops. It encourages participants to:


      • Identify key market trends and understand their impact on the sales organization and its value proposition.

      • Demonstrate how market trends necessitate specific changes within the sales organization.


    The canvas is versatile and can be applied in various contexts, including:


        • Workshops: It guides discussions among participants to identify significant market trends and develop strategic responses.

        • Awareness Building: It aids sales personnel in understanding the link between market trends and sales strategies.


      Step 1: Identify Current Trends 

      Participants list the main changes observed in their business market, customer behavior, and value propositions over the past 5 to 10 years.

      Step 2: Identify Current Change in your Sales Organisation

      List changes within the sales organization in areas such as coaching, rewarding, recruiting, required competencies, processes, roles, and responsibilities.

      Step 3: Connect the trends with the changes

      Use the canvas to link market trends with customer trends, impacts on value propositions, and subsequent effects on the sales organization.

      Step 4: Discuss the changes that are needed

      After mapping the major trends and their impacts, discuss and identify the necessary changes within the sales organisation.


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