The Speed Debating Game

Discover the thrilling Speed Debating Game, a fast-paced exercise in rhetoric and persuasion. Teams must form compelling arguments quickly, often defending unfamiliar views. The game culminates in a debate focused on real challenges, improving argument strategies. This journey through quick thinking and persuasive speech refines your debate skills for professional encounters.

The Influence Game

The Influence Game”, designed for sales professionals, is a competitive board game focusing on persuasion. Teams confront sales challenges requiring quick thinking and mastery of persuasion techniques. The game offers role-play opportunities for real-world situations and incorporates Cialdini’s persuasion principles. It serves as a dynamic platform for professionals to hone their influential skills.

Behavioural Change Game

The Behavioural Change Game is a tool for managing resistance to change, and coaching individuals to become change advocates. Using metaphors and strategies based on theories like DISC Profiles and Principles of Persuasion, it highlights the interplay of emotions and logic in change management. This immersive game offers practical tactics and guides for real-world application, making it a key resource for team transformation.

The Sales Transformation Game

The Change Management Game is an immersive simulation where teams navigate organizational change, balancing diverse stakeholders. The game emphasizes the need for strategic leadership to overcome resistance and foster progress. Participants learn to handle individual differences and apply leadership theories, with game outcomes tied to real-world change management principles like ADKAR and Kotter’s 8 Steps. This approach equips individuals to manage change confidently.

The AI Pitch Analyser

The AI Pitch Analyser marks a leap in our sales training at Sales Cubes, offering precise evaluations and improvements for pitches using artificial intelligence. It scrutinizes clarity, persuasiveness, and comprehensiveness, providing actionable feedback. This tool equips sales professionals to refine their pitches effectively, ensuring they resonate more deeply with their audience. Embrace a new era where technology elevates every pitch to its fullest potential.

Conversation Navigation Framework

The Conversation Navigation Framework
explores truth in conversations: factual in transactional, debated in positional, and co-created in transformational.

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