The Sales Transformation Game

The Change Management Game is an immersive simulation where teams navigate organizational change, balancing diverse stakeholders. The game emphasizes the need for strategic leadership to overcome resistance and foster progress. Participants learn to handle individual differences and apply leadership theories, with game outcomes tied to real-world change management principles like ADKAR and Kotter's 8 Steps. This approach equips individuals to manage change confidently.

In the dynamic business world of today, effective change management and leadership are not just advantageous but essential. Our Change Management Game acknowledges this, offering an innovative approach to mastering these intricate areas. This real-time business simulator developed by Actee, designed for teams of four, challenges participants to manage a metaphorically represented project, a boat. The goal is to get the boat moving, symbolising the push of management initiatives and inspiring people, capturing the core of leadership.

Objectives of the Game:

The Change Management Game is designed to accomplish several learning goals such as understanding stakeholder dynamics, overcoming resistance, and applying theoretical concepts to real-world situations. As each team attempts to bring ten stakeholders on board – all with their unique DISC profiles and organizational histories – the game reflects the real-world complexities of managing change.


How the Game Works:

Participants are grouped into teams to engage in a computer-simulated environment where strategic decisions are made. The game introduces an innovative physical element. Teams periodically place their miniature boats and stakeholders on a large cardboard board. This visual representation not only sparks a competitive spirit but also serves as an effective debriefing tool. It enables participants to visually comprehend the impact of their choices.

Benefits of the Game:

The Change Management Game offers more than just engaging gameplay. It serves as an in-depth learning experience, delving into the intricacies of change management theories like ADKAR and Kotter’s 8 Steps of Change, as well as leadership styles and persuasion techniques. The real magic happens in the debriefing sessions, where participants can observe the results of their decisions, compare strategies, and absorb the lessons learned.

Implementing the Game in Training:

Incorporating the Change Management Game into your training program offers not just an educational experience, but also an unforgettable journey into the core of change management and leadership. Its alignment with real-world challenges makes it a priceless tool for those seeking to enhance their management skills. It offers hands-on learning that surpasses traditional teaching methods.


The Change Management Game is not just a training exercise, but a way to understand the complex process of leading change. It bridges theory and practice through interactive gameplay, preparing participants to confidently handle business transformation. Start your journey to become a change champion with the Change Management Game today

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